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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 15, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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hospitals the power to involuntarily commit patients for 72 hours of treatment and limit prescriptions to a 72- hour supply. i spoke with one man who says those new policies could change lives. >> they feed you pain medicine and a lot of it. >> reporter: this marine, who wants to remain anonymous spent years recovering after he was blown out of a third story window in afghanistan. >> i broke 17 bones from my waist down. >> reporter: as you can imagine, plenty of pain meds. >> they never spoke to me personally about getting off of it in the long run. they never brought that up, which i think was wrong. >> reporter: as with so many others, his pain management turned to opioid addiction. he was able to wean himself off of it. >> i don't want to have a medication that's my new boss, my god, my mother. >> reporter: it's the epidemic behind governor charlie baker's
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focusing specifically on getting patients through the fist three days of treatment. >> that 72-hour period is an opportunity to help folks find their way to 'better path. >> reporter: this marine says it's a new approach and it's about time. >> reporter: if you hadn't stopped yourself, do you think you could still be taking that pain medication? do you think doctors would still be giving it to you? >> in a heartbeat. no doubt in my mind, i would be on pain medication for the rest of my life. >> reporter: the new plan also requires training on addiction for school coaches for medical providers, a mandatory five hours of training every couple of years and women committed for treatment could now be sent to now secured hospital units instead of mci framingham. the governor said he's confident this plan will soon become law. paula, david. tonight we're taking taye
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addiction. >> after a while, it could only get you so high. >> reporter: in minutes, we'll introduce to you this young man left brain damaged by an overdose who says he will do whatever he can to keep others from going down the same path. breaking news in everett where police are looking for someone who set a car on fire and may have tried to burn a house as well. sky eye over the scene. boy, you can very there, the car badly charred. phillip chism sat with his head down while he undergoes a psychiatric evaluation. he is accused of killing danvers high schoolteacher colleen ritzer in 2013. if convicted, he faces life in prison.
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standing in the reconfiguration crisis. that's very hard to say. >> tears an tenacity. parishioners in scituate are keeping the faith and fighting to keep it open. >> the parishioners who held vigil at the church for more than a decade are not ready to give up. bill shields is live in scituate with their story tonight. it is an emotional one, bill. >> reporter: it is. it is much more than a david versus goliath story. at the heart of it, it's about people's faith and their house of worship. they don't want to leave that house. it's going to take a lot to get them out of there. >> reaching out to cardinal sean o'malley. please meet with us for a fair, equitable, and faith of the resolution. >> reporter: it has been almost 11 years since the parishioners of st. francis of scituate have kept a vigil here 24/7.
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when the arch die says began closing churches about 14 years ago, st. francis was one of many that was set to be closed. the parishioners had other ideas. >> we wanted to do anything necessary to be done to do so. >> reporter: time and time again, the parishioners have been defeated in court. now they've been ordered to leave, again. >> this is the last church standing in the reconfiguration crisis. that's very hard to say. we want to make sure that it does stay. >> reporter: nancy helped build st. francis in 1951. she's 82 now and not willing to leave. >> it is home, and it's god's home, too. he's here. he's still here. i know he's still here. it is god's house, and he allows us to come in here.
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he's the only one i'm gonna obey. >> reporter: the archdiocese issued a statement today reading in part "we asked the friends of st. francis to respect the court's decision and conclude the vigil." it's obvious they say they still have legal recourse and if not that, they'll go right to the vatican. paula? that. bill, thank you so much. haverhill police and the atm arresting 19 people and taking 15 guns off the streets. here is a better look at what they found. assault rifles, sawed-off shotguns and handguns, narcotics including heroin, cocaine and oxycodone were also seized. 2700 people have been charged as part of the active investigation. there is no doubt that you remember this. how can we forget the record snowfall that covered our street, covered a bunch of cars, sidewalks, everything last winter. as the temperatures continue to
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this weekend, a lot of us worry about a repeat. eric fisher is here tonight. i hear a dog barking. [ laughter ] >> the national weather service came out with its report and hopefully it's not for the dogs. >> reporter: they looked across the country and put a probability on whether it will be colder, warmer, wetter or drier. so we start with precipitation that includes rain or snow and heavily favored in the outlook is the fact that there will be a strong el nino this winter. almost always, you get a strong pattern across the southern tier of the united states. a little behind the scenes look. a stormy pattern across the southern tier of the united states. it tends to be dry across the north central united states. for us it puts us in the equal chances. i think we'll end up with a stormy, active winter. the temperatures will be warmer than last winter. this is their temperature outlook. right now, they put new england
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i will say that looking at things, typically with a strong el nino, it is warmer than average, however it is not the only factor at play. i do think we're going to end up more toward the colder side here and certainly cold in the southern u.s. an artful outlook will be coming in a month or so. we look at the short-term forecast coming up in a few. david, paula, over to you. coming up, the charles river like you have never seen it before. >> but first, a very real look at the emotional and physical toll drug addiction can take from a man who survived the
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advocacy, but at a terrible cost. >> don't do drugs because you could end up like me. >> reporter: corey is 27 years old and a recovering heroin add incompetent. his mom is lori. >> we are the face of today's addict. >> reporter: corey, a national honor society student and varsity athlete hurt his shoulder playing high school baseball and needed surgery. >> he came home with a prescription of 120 vicodin. >> reporter: that was the gateway. >> he went to oxycontin and then heroin because the oxy became too expensive. >> i would pawn stuff from the house, and i even pawned all of my mother's jewelry and even my grandfather's wedding ring. >> he had been drug free and cleaned for about 75 days, and he relapsed.
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>> reporter: he o.d.'d. >> they didn't have any hope. i stood there while my only son was given the last rites. >> reporter: corey suffered brain damage. >> that means i went without oxygen to my brain for, like, two and a half to three minutes. >> reporter: he had to relearn almost everything and will never recover completely. >> he's so fortunate that he has no memory loss at all. the part of his brain that was damaged is the part that controls his motor skills. >> i actually have a better memory than her. [ laughter ] >> reporter: today corey and his family are on a mission speaking to young people and their parents about the dangers of opiates. >> make one kid think about me when they come across drugs so that they can steer themselves in the right direction. >> the three most dangerous words you could say are "not my kid."
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never would i think he would be a heroin addict. i'm so blessed because i still have my son here because so many don't. >> reporter: a number of parents i talked to say one of the most meaningful changes would require insurance companies to pay for detox, rehab, and counseling for as long as a year. right now, paula, most insurance only cover short-term coverage. >> they are awfully courageous to do it. you can find help right on our web site. go to let's talk about the weather here. eric, up in the air today. >> what a day to go flying, awfully cool. >> i was up over the south shore today with the good folks at shoreline aviation looking at the foliage and how things are progressing and moving their way southward. boy, crystal clear blue skies. interesting to see here. this is where perspective changes everything. we're losing some of the leaves
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and you look at the neighborhoods and it was all green. so you are seeing some of the lower elevations, the wetlands, bright colors and the highways where trees are stressed out. for them, areas are green here. just a wonderful way to spend the morning there. if you are heading out, really peak conditions across some of all of new hampshire, maine into vermont. getting to be past peak in far northern new hampshire. i do think you'll want to check this out especially north of us here this weekend or earlier. if you can do it tomorrow, even better. certainly the colder air coming, there will be leaf dropping in the morning. outside this morning, temperatures are in the 50s. cooler air continues to felter in from the north and west. it's just a progression of cooler and cooler air over time. we've seen that in the 70s to the 50s. ushering in that next batch of cooler air is this cold front moving through the great lakes. that will bring us a chance for a few spotty showers. out the door for your friday, could be a little rain to deal with.
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not every time will deal with a shower. there will be hit and miss showers. then a few sprinkles, a couple of showers here and there. most of the day will be partly cloudy and dry. i just want to make sure we have the umbrella. not too far away, and then we clear out tomorrow night. in the short term, a shower after midnight and temperatures in the low to mid-40s. tomorrow we're close to today, lower 60s across all of the region and 50s in central parts of massachusetts. then we have the wind starting to pick up and brig those temperatures down. so tomorrow morning, very gusty. we'll be uncomfortable as we head out the door. more toward the evening. the winds will start to die down a little bit and the skies will start to clear out more at the tail end of our friday. then we focus on the weekend itself. then more cold air continuing to funnel in. another cold front will cross on saturday with a couple more showers. the coldest, the core of the air will be moving in sunday and monday, the coldest part of our forecast. saturday, spotty showers, a gusty breeze.
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temps will reach the mid-50s. saturday night, we're into the 30s toward the city, but there could be 20s as we move north and west of boston. then on sunday, a gusty wind and november feel, mainly dry. high temps, though, near 47 degrees which is near record territory. sunday night we clear out and we're in the low to mid-20s. we're talking about a killing breeze near the end of the growing season. certainly that time of year where it's not too unexpected. in the city, it will be the earliest occurrence since 1979. all sorts of exceptional weather it seems. it will be a cold, cold start pore monday. monday stays in the 40s with sunshine. then moderation. so it looks like a two-day stretch where the heaters will be on, jackets will be on, fires will be in the fireplace. david, paula, over to you? >> fireplace sounds nice. thank you so much. >> fireplace going, watching the patriots. it will all happen sunday night. >> steve burton, what do we think? >> the pats gear up for
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take note that dion lewis was listed as limited on the injury report. new england is making some moves to get ready for the big game in indy. our own levan reid has more. >> reporter: let's put a bow on the nate solder situation. he's done for the season and will be missed. >> he is a great locker room guy. >> reporter: time for the next man up. maybe marcus cannon will get the nod. >> wherever he wants us to play that's where we'll play. >> reporter:: the pats are observaging 37 points per contact. despite the new-look d, points on the board is the patriots goal. >> however many points we put up, we put up. we're trying to score every time we touch the ball. we don't like punting. we like to put up points often. >> reporter: preparing for colts' quarterback andrew luck is the focus. he's always a threat to keep the plays alive. >> that's something he does really well.
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to make 20 yards but moving around and trying to create down the field. >> reporter: as the saying goes, when you go on the road, you pack your defense. last week, quietly, the patriots' defense did something they haven't done since 2010 against dallas. they didn't allow a red zone touchdown. talking to devon mccourty, he said he knew that and they will try to do that again this weekend against indianapolis. i'm levan reid, wbz sports >> for more, check out patriots all access right here on wbz. then on sunday, patriots all access and then immediately following the game we have the fifth quarter. atlanta is unbeaten at 5- 0. bill cowher likes what he seasp. >> they know who they are.
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lavon taye freeman has become a star of this football team. not only catching the ball in well. in the defense, they keep plays. right now, dan quinn has these guys playing with a lot of confidence. on to hockey. bruins have picked up the first of the season. colorado jimmy hayes woke up big time racking up a goal and 4.9. the bs crush the avalanche to improve to 1-3 on the young season. as for the celtics, they improve to 3-0 last night in brooklyn. newcomer amir johnson stood out finishing with 19 points, six rebounds, two assists in just 24 minutes of play. even drained two from downtown as the cs topped the nets. finally the dodgers host the mets in game five of the nlds. the winner faces the cubs next. that's sports. back to you. the cbs evening news is coming up at 6:30.
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from new york with a preview of hi, scott. >> paula, david, great to be with you in boston. president obama made it official today what we first reported here in this broadcast last night. that thousands more american afghanistan. many more than the president had hoped. we'll explain why. also, medicare premiums for many people are set to go up by 50% unless congress does something about it. we'll explain that to you as well all coming up on the cbs evening news in about ten minutes. thank you. also coming up, why you could soon be saying cheers on
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to 19. a live look tonight at the charles river that is now going virtual. google announcing that you will now be able to look at the charles in street view. charles river conservatory borrowed the famous trekker camera to capture a panoramic view from the watertown dam to the boston harbor. it will be available on google earth in the next few months. yeah, i didn't realize that you could borrow this camera and put it on a backpack and get the shots for google. >> why don't you get it for a week and take pictures of the kids. >> i might. booze on boston common could soon happen. >> a new push to allow alcohol sales. current laws forbid it but a column was written in "the globe" calling for the change. many european cities of course allow drinking at their public parks. it boosts revenues for the parks department and could draw more people together in those spaces. still to come, a moment start competition without the
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coming up at 10:00 on my tv 38, an arlington police officer hailed a hero on the ice tonight. what he did to save a friend. >> and massachusetts former first lady in a video that has gone viral. ann romney's tips on being a freakin' awesome grandma is all coming up. david? >> her words? >> her words. >> not mine. [ laughter ] >> potty mouth over here. [ laughter ] coming up tonight after the game, the controversial game plan costing college students, their parents, and you the taxpayers. the umass president defending the football program that's costing millions. why he says this will pay off in the end. on a lighter note tonight, would you expect someone to pay
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original music but how about one note? >> a rare one-page letter from mozart sold for $273,000 in the auction house. in the alert, is heed his close friend to send -- he asked his close friend to send a messenger to return three scores for him. items by mozart are among the most collected items. >> he just wanted his stuff back. >> he was like, hey, buddy, you've had my scores long enough, bring them back. >> i thought it would be juicier than that for $217,000. >> thanks for watching. see you back here for the wbz news at 11:00 right after
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